Sprinkle Balsamic Beads over crispy salads, fresh fruit, ice cream or anything balsamic vinegar pairs well with. Balsamic Beads create the perfect salad dressing as the beads stick to the salad instead of sinking to the bottom of the bowl. It is ideal as a garnish for canapés and dips. Delicious on pizzas and steaks and in salsas. Balsamic Beads contain no added sugar and is  suitable for diabetics. 


Volumes: 125ml Glass Jars

Catering packs available


Ingredients: Balsamic Vinegar, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Agar-Agar



Classic Worcestershire sauce that is transformed into tiny semi-solid spheres, a stylish way in which to serve Worcestershire Sauce. It pairs well with meaty dishes, roasted vegetables and is an elegant garnish for eggs Benedict. The Beads are a wonderful addition to a stylish open roast beef sandwich. Worcester Beads add aesthetic value, preventing discolouration and soggyness.


Volumes: 125ml Glass Jars

Catering packs available


Ingredients: Worcestershire Sauce (Anchovy Free), Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Agar-Agar


Berry Beads are tiny red bombs that burst with intense berry flavours in your mouth. They are versatile and can be used in both sweet and savoury dishes. Sprinkle these beads over a fruit salad, cereal or ice cream. Mix them into a milkshake or yoghurt. The berry flavours complement meat dishes such as venison and poultry. Combine with Balsamic Beads for a delicious sweet and sour salad dressing. The options are endless, but whatever you use them for, your dish will look exotic. 


Volumes: 125ml Glass Jars

Catering packs available


Ingredients: Berry Juice, Berry Concentrates, Balsamic Vinegar, Agar-Agar.

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Soya Beads is the perfect companion to Sushi. Try these small Soya Balls on Sushi without any mess. Except for creating an astonishing garnish , it is full of the distinctive Soya Sauce flavour.

One of our latest creations and proving to be one of our most popular beads yet.


Use Soya Beads on all food types you would usually use normal Soya Sauce, but without staining everything. Perfect in Wraps, on Stirfry and most definately Sushi.


Volumes: 125ml Glass Jars

Catering packs available


Ingredients: Soya Sauce, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Agar-Agar






Balsimo is launching its catering packs.


Make any snack, dish or meal look unique and special and look like a 5 Star Chef.


Used by many celebrity chefs



Volumes: 500g , 1kg






Chilli Beads are hot, red and tasty. The perfect companion to all meals. Add them to a chicken salad, sprinkle it on a pizza or add it to an open sandwich.

Be creative with this lastes edition.


Volumes: 125ml Glass Jars

Catering packs available 1kg


Ingredients: Dried Chilli, Cayne Pepper, Balsamic Vinegar,Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Agar-Agar